Effective Termite Control Methods To Use In City

Termites are tiny pests that have the capacity to cause costly structural damage to your property. These pests are major enemies for property owners around the world. Apart from causing heavy damages they also cause serious illness to humans. They cause asthma, respiratory illness, electrocution, as well as skin allergies.  Identification, as well as eradication of termites, is a very difficult task. So, it is always important to hire professional exterminators for termite control services. This article explains the effective methods to follow to control termites.

Effective methods to follow to control Termites

  • Wood Treatment: Wood treatment is one of the best methods to eliminate existing termite colonies and it also helps to avoid future termite infestations. Surface sprays, borate cured wood, as well as injected sprays and foams, are some of the examples of wood treatments. Expert pest controllers make use of borate cured wood products to avoid termite infestations as well as kill any potential termites in homes. Application of surface additives during construction and wood injections and foams after completion is the process of wood treatment. 
  • Soil Treatment: This method is best to eliminate subterranean termites. In this treatment method, treatments for termites are applied to the nearby soil which acts as a barrier. A trench around the base is dug first, and the termiticide is used on the soil. After that, the pit is refilled. This method of treatment aims to deter potential termite infestations by killing all existing termites before they get back to the soil to start a new colony.

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  • Bait Systems: Bait termite treatment systems are a good way to get rid of termite colonies. A pest control specialist will place bait stations around the exterior of the house and check them on a regular basis to ensure that the house is safe from potential future as well as existing infestations. Termites are successfully eliminated with this termite infestation procedure. 

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